The most beautiful cycling paths in the Innviertel

Cycling vacation in upper Austria – an experience for the whole family

The magnificent Innviertel landscape can be best explored from your saddle.  Whether it's a relaxing bicycle tour or a challenging route – you control the pace. So ... ready, set, go!

The Bajuwarenweg

Directly in front of our house door, you can start on this historic cycle path. It leads through the villages of Bauernding, Harterding, Diepolding and Parschalling. Along this path, you'll learn about life around 600 B.C., when the Bajuwaren (from which the German word "Bayern" [Bavaria] is derived) settled our region.

Path length: 11 km

The Achtalweg

Cycle along the romantic river. The Ache (river) was formed during the various ice ages, as water passing through deposited debris, gravel, sand and clay, thereby creating terraces. The Ache flows from the 700-metre-high northern foothills of the Kobernaußerwald (the largest continuous forest area in central Europe).

Route length from the source to the Inn river: 28 km

The Römer-Radweg

The Römerradweg (cycle path) connects the two neighbouring regions of upper Austria and Bavaria and is – as the name says – a cycle route back to Roman times. There are several places along this route where important discoveries were made. You'll learn more about the life of Romans from information boards. The central starting point for this cycle route is the "City of Three Rivers", Passau. The main route of the Römerradweg leads from Frankenmarkt to Vöcklamarkt and from Timmelkam to Vöcklabruck.

Total route length: 242 km

The Inn-Radweg

Three countries, famous cities and impressive landscapes connect the Inn river with its 500-km-long course from the Maloja pass to the "City of Three Rivers", Passau.

Simply borrow a bicycle from us or start the bicycle tour of your choice. We look forward to your bicycle vacation with us!